Thursday, 16 December 2010

What is Ski Famille childcare?

Following on from a blog post a few weeks ago going into the basics of a chalet holiday, I realised it would probably be a good idea to take a similar approach to our childcare service. We know what it involves, as do our regular guests, but do you?

The starting point for our childcare service is that it is included in the price of all of our holidays. As a family specialist we took the view that everyone who stays with us needs the childcare to some extent, so why strip it out of the price to add it straight back in? This does mean that families outgrow our service (usually when the children are skiing faster than Mum and Dad!) but we’d rather that than try to be something to everyone but not get it spot on for anyone.

The second most important point is that our childcare service is based in the chalet you stay in - although I realize for many parents this may actually be the most appealing aspect of what we do. From day one we wanted to avoid having a vast impersonal centralized cr├Ęche “just a short walk from your chalet”. Instead we wanted to create a cozy home from home environment that is relaxing for both parents and children.

When talking to potential guests on the phone they often ask us to summarise the thinking behind our childcare service. In my view it’s to entertain, amuse and tire out. The approach and mix will clearly vary in different age groups, but the philosophy remains the same. This is not about simply child minding, we don’t have an educational agenda and we never forget that children are on holiday too.

Almost all of our chalets have dedicated playrooms (the exception to the rule is the superbly located Chalet Burgrave in Les Gets) and these are the base for indoor activities. All chalets have a great stock of toys, games and arts and crafts kit so there is never a dull moment, even when the weather or tiredness prevent outdoor play.

The great outdoors is the focus of our childcare though. We have chalets located in some of the best playgrounds in the world and we are keen for children of all ages to develop an affinity for the mountains. We want to share our love of the stunning environment we work in so that children come to love their snow sports and the Alps as a place to relax and play.

If you want to quiz us in detail do pick up the phone. All of our small sales team are skiers with young children and we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of a family skiing holiday in as much detail as you want.


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Liz Robinson said...

The fact that it is based in the chalet is one of my favourite things about Ski Famille childcare. The other is that all my three children are cared for together meaning they instantly feel more relaxed and secure.